Did you know?


Amazon.com allows you to add items to your cart and save them for later. Subsequently, each time you log in to your cart you are informed of changes in price to any of those items. Something I’ve been been saving just went down almost $10, time to buy!

Fun with Regretsy: Hair


If you aren’t already aware, you are new to the internet there is a galactically hilarious website in devotion to all things crazy on Etsy.

Having some fun based on a post today, I created a treasury devoted to hair: Hair-owing

[Link to the original Regretsy post]

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Shop closed until June 1st.


Contact me for reserve purchases if you prefer to wait to buy until shipments are going out again. Sending a note right through the store is the easiest!

Thank you, and be blessed!

A lacquered finish belongs on toenails.


So when I see it on furniture I have a mini-seizure. Thankfully there’s not much out there. What is also sparse on the market is truly decent pieces of vintage walnut furniture. I LOVE WALNUT. It’s a breath of fresh air for my eyeballs after all the junk I sort through, all the wood finishes that look exactly the same.

Lookie at what I found today over at Ideal Surroundings!

i love you

walnut highboy

It’s barely sale season and I’ve already witnessed a mid-c end/coffee table set priced at $35, while a lacquered stack o’drawers sitting next to it rested shiny beneath its $50 price tag. I suppose people price things according to what they think they’ll get for it, but whether or not people agreed on the price, the mid-c set would have been a stand-out as something worthy and perhaps at another sale where it was priced $5 less, one might just purchase the real thing.

At least there was one thing right: a smaller, flat side table was going for $15 alone. Though it was labeled “art deco.” It wasn’t.

Fun vintage project!


Over at the Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking a post about drawer gardens just popped up. I have a couple sitting around that are too big to list on Etsy (I stick to items that don’t cost a fortune to ship) and was just going to get rid of them, but ta-da! A solution to my clutter.

Last summer I tried a potted garden on the balcony but it didn’t survive very well; there’s not a lot of shield from the wind in the Loop. These drawers are lower to the ground and just might survive! I have direct eastern exposure, so there is plenty of afternoon sun.

If you’re in Chicago, I can point you toward some places to find dresser drawers at very low costs, but check out Craigslist’s free section for people giving away old desks, side tables, etc. It’s very easy to remove the drawer and its hardware. Watch for your neighbors who are moving out, they might not be taking some of their furniture or give you the pieces you need before throwing away the shell.

Another great solution is salvage. Especially if you’re in a major city. People put furniture out in the alleys just like the do on their lawns in the burbs because it is such a chore to try and get rid of it, my husband and I are guilty of it ourselves! All you need is to check the drawers. Typically the furniture itself is beat up but drawers usually survive. Grab and go! You can always get rid of it later if it turns out to be a dud.

We’re coming upon church/neighborhood rummage sale season so keep an eye on those for overly used furniture at great prices!

I’m looking forward to finally having a use for these, hopefully I’ll get better results this season. Pictures forthcoming…

Good luck!

PS I do have two handsome desk drawers for sale, but they serve such a great decor function that you could really go either way!

Havin’ a sale…


My condo looks like a tsunami hit (sorry, Japan). And guess what? It’s all store related. So….

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Happy spring! To those of us with allergies, boooooooo.

Interesting fact(s)


Brass is non-magnetic. If you are able to get a magnet to stick; it is plated and not solid.

While I’m at it – all sterling silver is required to have .925 stamped somewhere. Otherwise, it’s just plated. Fine silver (like your family’s fancy silverware set) is .915, the softer alloy (rolled with less of another metal such as rhodium, from the platinum family).

Might seem boring but for those of you with allergies to plated materials and nickel, if you follow my rules you’ll be just fine!