DuPage County Fairgrounds: The Night Version


The overnight flea market was a success. For the mosquitoes and the humidity. (Did you know those obnoxious bloodsuckers are all female?) I would advise anyone the following:

  1. Go when it opens and it is still light out or see #2.
  2. Bring a kit: flashlight, measuring tape, glove in case you like old tools (they are very rusty and get a tetanus shot while you’re at it), lots of wet-naps or baby wipes, and plenty of water.
  3. BUG SPRAY (although thankfully I am immune due to ongoing allergy shots)
  4. Ladies wear a loose-fitting, comfy skirt if you are a natural sweater cause you’re gonna get soaked.
  5. Everybody wear a tank top (with LOTS of deodorant, please).
  6. You will find mostly antiques and vintage goods.
  7. I have no idea what goes on inside the pavilion because I was too busy getting an amazing deal on a Lot of vintage jewelry from a couple who bought their own Lot of goods from a hoarder. It’s unbelievable what these people stock up on underneath all that garbage. Wowza.
  8. Most vendors are ready to bargain. Anyone who has already priced every single thing on their table is lazy and watching you like a hawk. Go for the people with tons of unpriced stuff and don’t be afraid to make a deal. They are plenty used to it and you might think because you see something you’ve never seen before that it’s rare but I assure you, most of those things will also be at other tables or cheaper on Etsy.
  9. Bring your own bags. Most vendors do not have them. I brought a reusable bag, the kind you’d bring to the grocery store. If you like to shop, bring a couple of those or a duffel that’s easy to carry. You can carry your Flea Market Kit inside!
  10. In general, be careful. When you’re rummaging through things, you never know if there’s a rusty nail or a safety-pin or something that can puncture your skin. You do not want that.

This particular market charged me $7 to get in (adult rate). Kids are welcome and there is plenty of parking, although as you can imagine it can get a little crazy. Not bad, though.

I leave you with my wonderful tin of jewelry, purchased from a couple who gave me a lot of advice for my business. They operate regularly around Chicago (especially at Wolff’s in the parking lot of the Allstate Arena) so I look forward to seeing what they have next time!

Soon to be up on Etsy!


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