Trained in the fine arts and histories, I am constantly looking for a way to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. I greatly appreciate the independent and eclectic, and in this mass-produced, mass-merchandised world, vintage products and antiques stand apart from the rest. There’s a certain unexplainable, ethereal quality to the aged.

My store is a cache quite personal to me and my varying tastes. I tend to cycle through collections, moving the current loves to the store and displaying new items in my home.

Some of my favorite things: discovering rarities in the dusty corners of antique stores, industrial salvage, learning from those who are smarter and passing on that education, natural beauty products, pure cotton yarn, the rich history of my home city of Chicago, generational stories, sea glass, platform heels, designing jewelry, intuition, the smell of books, and most of all the mercy of God.

Keep loving the previously loved!


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