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Standard allows you to add items to your cart and save them for later. Subsequently, each time you log in to your cart you are informed of changes in price to any of those items. Something I’ve been been saving just went down almost $10, time to buy!

Fun with Regretsy: Hair


If you aren’t already aware, you are new to the internet there is a galactically hilarious website in devotion to all things crazy on Etsy.

Having some fun based on a post today, I created a treasury devoted to hair: Hair-owing

[Link to the original Regretsy post]

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Shop closed until June 1st.


Contact me for reserve purchases if you prefer to wait to buy until shipments are going out again. Sending a note right through the store is the easiest!

Thank you, and be blessed!

A lacquered finish belongs on toenails.


So when I see it on furniture I have a mini-seizure. Thankfully there’s not much out there. What is also sparse on the market is truly decent pieces of vintage walnut furniture. I LOVE WALNUT. It’s a breath of fresh air for my eyeballs after all the junk I sort through, all the wood finishes that look exactly the same.

Lookie at what I found today over at Ideal Surroundings!

i love you

walnut highboy

It’s barely sale season and I’ve already witnessed a mid-c end/coffee table set priced at $35, while a lacquered stack o’drawers sitting next to it rested shiny beneath its $50 price tag. I suppose people price things according to what they think they’ll get for it, but whether or not people agreed on the price, the mid-c set would have been a stand-out as something worthy and perhaps at another sale where it was priced $5 less, one might just purchase the real thing.

At least there was one thing right: a smaller, flat side table was going for $15 alone. Though it was labeled “art deco.” It wasn’t.