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Fun with Regretsy: Hair


If you aren’t already aware, you are new to the internet there is a galactically hilarious website in devotion to all things crazy on Etsy.

Having some fun based on a post today, I created a treasury devoted to hair: Hair-owing

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Teacher’s Stamp Set


This might the most incredible find I have ever seen in Etsy vintage listings.

(Click the photo to view the listing.)

look at how awesome i am

if you buy this for me i will love you longtime

Etsy headquarters.


I found a little blog post including some photos inside Etsy HQ. They have a full-time chef and have purchased all of their equipment/furniture etc from Etsy sellers.

While I find that awesome, I do not find awesome that my listing fees are going to pay a full-time chef. Feel free to persuade me otherwise. I’d like to come to terms with this.

Here ya go.

So, the summer has wound down in Chicago.


And our chances for finding bargains at garage/yard sales have come to an end. What now? Craigslist?

I shudder.

Sticking with online blogs and shops is a great way to not only stay on your comfy couch or take a break from “life” with some coffee and your home office computer, but it saves you the hassle of having to run around and find an exact match to your desires. Sure hunting around is fun – it’s my #1 joy doing what I do – but even I get super cranky and tired after a few sales and nothing good to buy.

I found the following article that – despite its lean toward summer activity – gives some good ideas about secondhand buying. If you steer clear of making the Walmart your first choice for shopping, you may find even better bargains where you least expect them.

Top Secondhand Buys: Seventeen Things You Should Never Buy New – Garage Sale Warrior

That list could go on and on, or even be tweaked with your personal touch. Try making a list of things you’ve needed for a while but feel they cost too much, and see what you can find. Thrift and vintage have made a huge comeback, so not only will a lot of your finds be great conversation pieces, but they make great gifts.

That’s how I wound up at Etsy. I needed a plethora of thank-you note cards after my 30th birthday party a couple of years back and I thought I’d see what was out there in the non-retail world. I was able to buy different sets in smaller quantities, all with personal flair that totally matched different facets of my personality and how it related to the receiver. For example, my friends got the kitschy and fun cards, my relatives received pretty, Victorian-inspired cards, and so on. I managed to stay almost completely on budget and felt giving that extra touch to people who have been so generous to me was worth the extra couple of bucks.

There is something for everyone out there. Even though I am now a shop owner, I still do a great deal of gift giving through Etsy. It remains one of the best websites I’ve found to keep my individuality as a consumer, while receiving gifts made or found with care.

Most sellers, including me, are flexible and will create custom listings for you with different quantities, colors, etc. and even gift package, send it directly to the receiver and usually include a little free something else. It’s these touches that make me feel as if I have spent my hard-earned money in a great way, perhaps instead of on gas driving from retailer to retailer.

Give it a shot! Visit my store, there is something for every budget. Or, do a search for a specific item you might be looking for. Order for yourself once to get a feel, and then have at it for the Christmas season! You won’t be disappointed.

As always, you can find me here: or on Twitter – @flipflipout (I love new friends! Say hi!)