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Fun with Regretsy: Hair


If you aren’t already aware, you are new to the internet there is a galactically hilarious website in devotion to all things crazy on Etsy.

Having some fun based on a post today, I created a treasury devoted to hair: Hair-owing

[Link to the original Regretsy post]


Interesting fact(s)


Brass is non-magnetic. If you are able to get a magnet to stick; it is plated and not solid.

While I’m at it – all sterling silver is required to have .925 stamped somewhere. Otherwise, it’s just plated. Fine silver (like your family’s fancy silverware set) is .915, the softer alloy (rolled with less of another metal such as rhodium, from the platinum family).

Might seem boring but for those of you with allergies to plated materials and nickel, if you follow my rules you’ll be just fine!

Just how serious am I?


In addition to the full four-course load of classes this semester I’ve now taken on teaching myself the history of interior design and furniture. My goal is to increase my knowledge of “knowing how to look” when hunting for Flipping Out and for general knowledge, really. It’s not as if this will hurt my BFA degree.

I managed to score two luscious textbooks in perfect-used condition from this week:

somewhere out there a young college student is pissed he has to read this

The History of Interior Design and Furniture

Written like a textbook, reads like a textbook because…it’s a textbook!
Don’t bother with “geek,” I surpassed that ages ago.

don't even bother with "geek," I surpassed that ages ago

20th Century Design

Calls itself the “definitive illustrated sourcebook.” I call it “that book I’d
rather be reading than this semester’s material.

I have one more coming, an encyclopedia of furniture. The quick-reference guide to fill in gaps between readings!

They were each about $6 and being a college student, Amazon gave me a free Prime membership which allows me free 2-day shipping for qualifying items. Super sweet.