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Fun with Regretsy: Hair


If you aren’t already aware, you are new to the internet there is a galactically hilarious website in devotion to all things crazy on Etsy.

Having some fun based on a post today, I created a treasury devoted to hair: Hair-owing

[Link to the original Regretsy post]


I do get it on.


I like to send out my Etsy sales in cute packages so I went through my now-defunct Mary Kay biz supply drawer and found tons of supplies. Including a stack of unused bubble mailers. Since I started out dealing locally and didn’t have shipping costs, that was a big help!

The freak-out 20th date scene in The 40-Year Old Virgin is on and…this is what happens when you don’t have sex, people. You find yourself selling Iron Man on eBay.

Or, vintage stuff on Etsy.

Totally set myself up for that one, damn.

Speaking of, who buys stuff like this?!

This post totally took a bizarre turn.