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A lacquered finish belongs on toenails.


So when I see it on furniture I have a mini-seizure. Thankfully there’s not much out there. What is also sparse on the market is truly decent pieces of vintage walnut furniture. I LOVE WALNUT. It’s a breath of fresh air for my eyeballs after all the junk I sort through, all the wood finishes that look exactly the same.

Lookie at what I found today over at Ideal Surroundings!

i love you

walnut highboy

It’s barely sale season and I’ve already witnessed a mid-c end/coffee table set priced at $35, while a lacquered stack o’drawers sitting next to it rested shiny beneath its $50 price tag. I suppose people price things according to what they think they’ll get for it, but whether or not people agreed on the price, the mid-c set would have been a stand-out as something worthy and perhaps at another sale where it was priced $5 less, one might just purchase the real thing.

At least there was one thing right: a smaller, flat side table was going for $15 alone. Though it was labeled “art deco.” It wasn’t.